Deepening our Christianity

No Start or End to Love • Deepening our Christianity #25

Published 18 days ago • 2 min read

Deepening our Christianity

the Monday Newsletter of Paul Prins

Edition #25 · 5 February 2024

Blessings Reader,

No Start or End to Love

Oh, beloved, I don't know what to say. That fear that creeps into your bones. It finds its way deep into the sinew and marrow. There, it slowly drips its vile poison over your hope. It can so easily glaze over your sight. Those equally beloved, through this haze, become others.

Let us resist. Let us trust in love. In a love that comes with its blistering light. A light that burns and hurts as it seers through our mind, body, and soul. Let your arrogance die, for you were never immune to hatred. In so many ways, hate feels more natural to us than love. It validates us and asks for nothing but a place to dwell. Hate asks that we be ready to defend ourselves and others. Violence has no origins in love; it springs from hate.

Let us dream. Let us trust Jesus. Let us let the light of love show us where we have reserved hate. Let us wander through the depths of our souls with Jesus. There can be no darkness in the presence of love. Let us dream in the colors of love and beauty. Of love and beauty that we don't own, control, or possess. Just behind all things is the possibility of love. We live and move through the God of all Creation, who is love, and in whom we all draw breath.

In all things, Jesus is on the side of love. May He not stand alone while we are near. Oh! Beloved! Let our voices make a joyful noise. Where its beauty is only matched with the expansiveness of its love. There is no start or end to God. There is no start or end to love.

Until Next Week

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Pursue God....

Prayer draws us into an awareness of Gods presence. A way of being close to His tenderness and love. Let our love of God inspire us to live a life dedicated to prayer.
~4 Minutes

Accept God's Grace...

In His kingdom, the table of God’s grace was set with a place for you. God found you, called you beloved, and freely gave you an abundance of His grace.
~4 Minutes

Gathering of Urban Monastics

Last night we held our February Gathering of Urban Monastics. It was a wonderful conversation on Pursuing God through Prayer. It is a one hour video that includes praying Vespers, sharing Eucharist, and the conversation.

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A Prayer for the Week to Come

Lord, beyond comprehension. You call us beloved and have made a tender place for us to rest in your love. Give us the faith and strength to endure the searing of your love on the hate in our depths. Make us a people of hope who radiate your love.

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Deepening our Christianity

the Monday Newsletter of Paul Prins

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